Hyouge Mono Volume 2

Hyouge Mono Volume 2

Hyouge Mono Volume 2

That’s two down.

Hyouge Mono Volume 2:
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16 Responses to "Hyouge Mono Volume 2"

  • I’ve been hoping for years to see this manga translated.

    Thank you.

    If you need any help, make a post about it.

    For example, I’ve done some script editing/QC in the past.

  • Those eyebrows look just like a particularly hideous caterpillar I accidentally touched once. Ugh, my hand was itchy for days.

    Thanks for the chapter!

  • Please post the last chapter separately as I have been downloading the previous releases one by one. Now I’ll have to redownload everything. Just suggesting.

  • Thx for the translation you’re doing a great work.

    Would it be possible in the future to rename pages pXX-XY if you fused page XX and XY together.? For now it seems that some pages are missing, where they are just fused together.

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