Hyouge Mono Volume 8 Complete

Hyouge Mono Volume 8 Complete

Hyouge Mono Volume 8 Complete

Volume 8 is now complete. We’re nearly to where the anime ends now. Hope you all are ready for the climax of Rikyu’s arc. After that, it’s uncharted territory for most of you.

Volume 8   Mega | Mediafire

Chapter 76   Mega | Mediafire
Chapter 77   Mega | Mediafire
Chapter 78   Mega | Mediafire
Chapter 79   Mega | Mediafire
Chapter 80   Mega | Mediafire
Chapter 81   Mega | Mediafire
Chapter 82   Mega | Mediafire
Chapter 83   Mega | Mediafire
Chapter 84   Mega | Mediafire
Chapter 85   Mega | Mediafire
Chapter 86   Mega | Mediafire

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  • Thanks so much for persevering in this difficult project. Just a quick translation quip, however:

    Terms like Korai-Ido, Korai-mono, or Korai-chawan should not be translated as “[noun] from/of Goryeo dynasty” as you did on v8 p17 and p67, but rather “[noun] from/of Korea.” The Goryeo dynasty had already fallen by the late 14th century so when Korai is used in the manga, the characters are using it more generally to mean Korea rather than a specific dynasty. It’s the same reason why one shouldn’t translate “Kara-mono” as “Tang dynasty objects” but rather “Chinese objects.” Other than that, keep up the good work. It’ll be great to see this series fully translated into English.

    In case anyone’s interested, I also wrote more about the Korean influences on the wabi-aesthetic of early modern Japanese tea bowls here: http://hoxtranslations.blogspot.com/2017/10/some-thoughts-on-hyougemono-and.html

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