Hyouge Mono Volume 9 Complete

Hyouge Mono Volume 9 Complete

Hyouge Mono Volume 9 Complete

https://puu.sh/yskPo/3228d9c996.jpgOnly been like 3 months since my last release. My apologies. I should be fairly frequent for the next few months at least. Anyways, volume 9 is finally done.

Volume 9   Mega | Mediafire

Chapter 87   Mega | Mediafire
Chapter 88   Mega | Mediafire
Chapter 89   Mega | Mediafire
Chapter 90   Mega | Mediafire
Chapter 91   Mega | Mediafire
Chapter 92   Mega | Mediafire
Chapter 93   Mega | Mediafire
Chapter 94   Mega | Mediafire
Chapter 95   Mega | Mediafire
Chapter 96   Mega | Mediafire
Chapter 97   Mega | Mediafire

13 Responses to "Hyouge Mono Volume 9 Complete"

  • Thanks for the interesting tidbits. History sure has some weird stuff going down. I wonder why things like this never seem to happen nowadays…

    And thank you for the chapter, as always!

  • I’m waiting until this is more or less completely scanlated, but I just wanted to thank you for working on it. Excited that we’re nearing the anime’s conclusion, -that- spread is really nice.

  • Thank you for this translation! I haven’t touched manga in ages but a capricious nostalgia led me to visit Hox’s page and his ramblings on tea bowls brought me here to another history manga. Thinking about degrees of separation makes me loopy. I’ll stockpile this for a rainy day.

    Happy new year.

  • thank you so much for the translation you make! i wanted to talk to you in private but i think i will leave it here and you can delete it if u feel so. i made a discord server for people who like and love hyouge mono. so far i put the link to over 400 people to join teh server to have fun time talking about teh anime and manga.

    if you guys want to join in, here is the link.


    • i can announce your translation so you can have bigger audiounce, and maybe some of them will donate to you or something.

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